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Husky’s extensive range of PET Tooling technologies and services deliver optimized equipment productivity and extended mold life. Because we design and build the world’s leading PET preform systems we understand how to maximize the value of your tooling.

Self-Cleaning Technology to increase uptime and make the cleaning process safer

• Express Conversion Program to eliminate downtime

• Cold Half HPP5 Technologies to reduce mold wear and prolong mold life

• Hot Runner HPP5 Technologies for optimized productivity and extended cycle times

Learn How Husky's Express Mold Conversion Program reduces mold downtime from 8 weeks to just 1 day

Explore PET tooling global programs for the largest  PET preform moldmaker

Read about Ultra G-PET Hot Runner Technology

Watch Self-Cleaning Mold Technology demonstration 

Learn  about HPP5 Technology Upgrades

Read about PET Mold Reburbishment and Conversion